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If you're ready to transform your mindset, experience emotional healing, and learn how to practise being your authentic self, this group programme is for you! Over 12 weeks, feel the connection, freedom and clarity that comes from letting go of the people-pleasing and perfectionism tendencies and be empowered to make positive changes in your life. The life-changing modules, integration challenges, inspiring community of people, and somatic guided practises are here to support you to level up. There's a reason why 100% of participants who graduated the programme have reconnected with their intuition...this can be yours too.

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What are pasts clients saying about the programme?



"I'm still using the tools and invitations from this programme a year on to informed how I can better show up for myself and for that I am forever grateful for your heart and hard work Gemma. No New Things allowed me to pause and acknowledge how much growth I had already experienced and lived"


"This was what I needed to kickstart my own personal journey. I have grown so much since joining and still use the practises. I'll always be grateful for your guidance Gemma!"


"There was nowhere to hide inside this programme. I had to learn to trust myself, to listen, to feel, to come alive to my own whare waananga as a place of learning and development for my tuaakiri. No New Things supported me to retrieve my values I thought my body couldn't hold and continues to guide me in my loving relationships"


"No New Things helped me changed my whole internal dialogue"

Te Amohaere

"No New Things was the best opportunity I was ever given! It was the right time and I was in the right mindset for openness and man, I have so much gratitude for this wahine and all the mahi she has poured into her programme! I was in such a low phase in my life and she reminded me of what tools I already had but had forgotten to use. She helped to me to show up, guiding me to reclaim my authentic self and to reclaim my power in my life! I am beyond grateful to her for her guidance and teaching ! If you are ready to take on this course, don't hesitate. I kid you not...she’s the best."


"This programme was incredible...Gemma you always held such safe spaces for us all to unpack things. I really hold onto the concept of more love and not less and what I always go back to is “you can only meet people and places at the depth in which you’ve met yourself” and really see this is an invite to deeply love and cherish myself"


"This programme changed my life! It got me into my body exploring spaces I was uncomfortable to explore before because of external voices and my own inner-critic! One thing I still use alot is the work around triggers, and I've shared a lot of what I've learnt inside this programme with others. I have to say that the awareness I gained was the most transformational aspect of No New Things. I am more aware in how I show up, think, react (lol or not react). I know I am the hero in my story and the victim mindset is restricting. I am so stoked this programme is here. Whānau do this for yourself!"


"No New Things taught me choice points! The programme helped show me that I have choices. I’m in a position today where I realise that every choice point and decisions made are like little deaths or new beginnings maybe. I feel grateful to meet someone who speaks my language and who taught me - I know the answers already"


"No New Things taught me that there are other ways to ground yourself and heal. Joining the sessions were a very welcome break from the everyday hustle. My sole focus was me during those moments, and I try to implement those moments now, years later"


"As a non binary person the conversation of divine feminine and divine masculine was initially quite uncomfortable but as I stayed with the concept, it began to land in a whole new way. The learnings and insights from this concept invites me to tap into all of who I can be regardless of my detachment from the gender binary"


"No New Things was a confronting process for me...I dove in but my restraint was evident. Gemma helped me to take the first steps along this journey and because of the programme, I am now taking active, powerful confident steps to cherish and look after my wellbeing. No New Things was the first step for me in prioritizing myself and I could not have done it without Gemma Thank you! This program is incredibly useful whether you are a beginner at looking after yourself or are further along the journey. Gemma meets you where you are and helps you move forward from there. If you have any inkling this program is for you then dive in, it will absolutely be worth it"


"What I enjoyed the most inside No New Things was the grounding work and our team calls plus working with an accountability buddy"

I believe you are the hero in your story.

It’s time to rediscover your peace, power, purpose & joy.

Put aside the endless podcasts and self-help books and take real action towards an authentic, fulfilling life. 

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Meet your guide, Gemma

Trauma-Informed Self-Leadership Coach and Breathwork Practitioner

My most important work has been within. Yours will be too. You’ll feel it, even if on the outside everyone else thinks you’ve got it all together. You’ll know deep down on the inside if you are living your truth and if you aren’t, I’m here to guide you home to yourself.

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"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes"

- Carl Jung


Breathwork gives you a direct experience for healing and transformation by accessing your body's innate healing intelligence. Breathwork is a conscious and connected breathing technique that supports you to improve your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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No New Things Group Mentoring

This transformational 12-week group coaching programme gives you the education and accountability to to transform your mindset, experience emotional healing, and trust yourself. It's designed for you to reconnect with your intuition.

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Scale Your Impact

This 12-month Mastermind is for spiritual creatives and entrepreneurs to bring a project, product, service, campaign, or art to life. With a focus on intuitive development and unlocking your unique blueprint, this trauma-informed accelerator supports you to upgrade your nervous system and translate ideas into reality.

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Private Coaching

Private coaching gives you tailored support based on your goals as a creative, parent, leader or entrepreneur. We focus in on your mindset, emotions, energy and body to transform the relationship you have with yourself and your life. Breakthrough your current glass ceiling with Breathwork and Trauma-Informed Coaching. 

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Upcoming Community Workshops and Retreats

Find your breath, find your power. Join me for a unique small-group Breathwork workshop. Spaces are limited.

Community Breathwork Workshop

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Community Breathwork Workshop

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Community Breathwork Workshop

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Jennifer Nickel: Waikato Regional Council

"Working has the ability to be entirely present and authentically focussed on you to help get to the root cause of how you're stuck. Gemma supported me to uncover the ways I could grow my self-leadership options, and helped me to unlock a new level of confidence. This meant I could have tough conversations that were needed in my work, with friends and family. The impact of our work together will influence me and many others for a long time."

Tracy Hemingway: Debt Free Diva

"I don’t think anyone could have predicted what a positive impact Gemma would have on my life. Through her leadership and encouragement I felt that I was in a safe enough place to step into the role in my life that would enable me to create my own change and be authentically me. Gemma’s expertise in creating positive spaces coupled with her enthusiasm and continued support has truly helped me develop my own leadership skills. I will always be grateful for having Gemma as a cheerleader, and would never hesitate to turn to her for advice or leadership in the future."

Kelsy Scott & Maluseu Monise: Far Queue Podcast

"Gemma creates space for an energetic exchange that feels homely yet super potent. The space calls for growth and reality checks while privileging the nuance of perspectives and perceptions. Gemma is an expert at excavating the plurality and complexity within any space she is invited to. Her leadership can be described as one that mirrors your best attributes. She is a lighthouse for future leaders. How we hold ourselves and our guests on the Far Queue Podcast is a by product of Gemma’s unwavering leadership." 

Why you'd work with me:

  1. To bring new energy into your purpose, parenting, hobbies, relationships and mahi
  2. To regulate your nervous system to grow your leadership skills 
  3. To reconnect with your authentic self
  4. To navigate identity shifts and periods of change
  5. To heal from the past and reconnect with the present moment
  6. To deepen your self-love 
  7. To develop emotional mastery
  8. To tap into your intuition and live with courage from that place
  9. To tap into new levels of personal freedom
  10. To create a safe home within your body and mind

When we reconnect with our authenticity and heal from the past, we open ourselves up to new levels of peace, personal power, purpose and joy. 

Work with me to build your capacity for change, and realise your potential for self-leadership. Learn new tools and receive compassionate and experienced support step to into your next level.

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This self-paced three-day online coaching course connects you with your inner self—your most authentic expression of who you are. Across three days, you will receive grounded guidance on connecting with new and hidden aspects of yourself.