Let's Scale Your Impact

Scale Your Impact is a 12 month Mastermind Programme  for spiritual creatives and entrepreneurs ready to turn their ideas into reality, and in the process, completely upgrade their BodyMind system in community. 

This group programme is for people ready to feel playful, clear and confident as they step into their unique leadership blueprint to be of service to something bigger than themselves. 

Utilising a mix of intention setting, intuitive guidance, embodiment practises, nervous system regulation, strategy, community and accountability structures, you'll be supported to bring your dreams to life. 

Are you ready to unlock your unique gifts and strengths, move past the fear, and turn your ideas into reality?

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"The world needs you to share your gifts with the world, and doing so is an act of service"

-Lukis Mac

Imagine what it would be like having the clarity, confidence and playfulness to turn your ideas into reality?


 How would it feel to activate your dharma and be a conduit for your highest expression?


How far could you go if you were able to manage your emotions and energy?


What would it feel like to be surrounded by a community of people who were choosing to do the same thing?


You don't need another programme to tell you what you need to do inside your business or with creativity.

You know.

When you're really honest with yourself, you know.

But there's elements of avoidance, perfectionism, control, or procrastination that keep showing up keeping you where you are.

You're looking at what everyone else is doing and trying to crack a quick-fix to fast track your success instead of trusting YOUR process.

You're looking outside yourself for the answers and trying to follow someone elses 7-step recipe for success instead of trusting YOUR inner-guidance.

You know that your next evolution is about turning your focus inward, clearing the energetic and emotional blocks and allowing yourself to be seen in process as you turn what you know into a body of work. 

Launching that new offering. 

Writing that book.

Researching and developing that product.

Creating those resources.

Producing that music.

Scaling your business.

Leading that campaign.

It's about going all in on your dreams AND the person you're going to become who has created, executed and launched the thing.

And that having fun, feeling supported in community, and developing your spiritual self are non-negotiables. 

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What is Scale Your Impact?

This 12-month birthing portal is an online group programme for spiritual creatives and entrepreneurs ready to turn their ideas into reality, and in the process, completely upgrade their BodyMind system in community.

Cohort participants will have a specific campaign, art, project, service or idea that they want to bring to life during the 12-month portal AND will be ready to completely transform their relationship with themselves to embody their unique artistry or entrepreneurial blueprint to be of service.

Over the programme, you'll: 

  • Embody your unique leadership or artistry blueprint
  • Deliver on a campaign, art, project or service offering
  • Experience emotional healing and clear past trauma
  • Deepen your connection with the intelligence of your authentic self and your body
  • Connect and play in community


How does the programme work?

The fundamental belief that underpins this programme is that when you are connected in community, with the whenua, your authentic self and the present moment, you have everything you need to take action on your dreams. 

As a trauma-informed leadership programme, this experience will be grounded in compassionate, safe and open learning spaces for you to transition through emotional and energetic passages required for you to be in deep relationship with your dreams.

We'll combine intention setting, intuitive guidance, embodiment practises, nervous system regulation, strategy, networks, community and accountability structures to bring your ideas to life. 

Over the 9 months you receive:

  • A 2 day in-person multi-scensory, experiential retreat (accomodation not included)
  • 12 x themed monthly Breathwork journeys (3 hours)
  • 12 x monthly Dream Labs (2 hours) A space to talk strategy, soundboard ideas, overcome limiting beliefs with coaching, release stuck emotion with somatic practises 
  • 24 x Creative Practise Workshops (45 minutes) A fortnightly space to BE in creative practise with each other 
  • Guest faciliators, embodiment practises and educational resources (to be announced)
  • What's App Community Group Chat for high-level accountability & community connection

You'll need 3-5 hours per week to commit to this programme.

The time that you commit to the programme is foundational for your creativity and entrepreneurship, meaning this will give you strategic insights for your workplan outside the programme to translate your ideas into reality. 

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork gives you a direct experience for healing and transformation by accessing your body's innate healing intelligence. Breathwork is a conscious and connected breathing technique that supports you to improve your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing through accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

This holistic modality restores the natural flow of energy through the BodyMind system, and during a session, I guide you to safely access frozen energy, sensations, and emotions to support the release and completion of anything that's unresolved from the past.

There's many benefits to working with tools like talk therapy and mindset coaching, and we know that the body is what remembers stress and trauma. Combining these tools with somatic therapies like Breathwork support the body to heal at the root of stress and trauma.

We know the quality of our thoughts are influenced by our capacity and capability to regulate our nervous systems, so to truly step into your unique artisty or entrepreneurial blueprint, we get to explore tools that acknowledge the BodyMind system connection.

Over the course of Scale Your Impact, we'll be working with the power of your breath to find new levels of safety in being seen, navigating uncertainty, complexity and the unknown. The Breathwork will support you to upgrade your nervous system, expand your window of tolerance, and find deeper levels of embodiment within your most authentic expression.

What Breathwork clients are saying


"I had an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience! My mind and body were absolutely blown. Through Gemma's safe guidance and comfortable space, I went on a journey like no other. I feel like I tapped into the deepest parts of myself, grounded my being and uncovered some wild truths that all lay within! I have come away feeling so empowered with a newfound sense of trust and confidence in myself. Wow just WOW!"


"I have had profound shifts with Breathwork with Gemma and have felt the best I have in months. I've been able to shift grief that I've had in my heart that I never allowed myself to feel before" 


"I would have spent 12 months of therapy to find the piece of the puzzle I met during the Breathwork journey with Gemma. Because of her extensive knowledge and professionalism when it comes to trauma and the human body-mind experience, I was able to safely soften into my first deep breathwork journey"

Who's the programme for?


  1. Spiritual creatives and entrepreneurs ready to give birth to a project, vision, idea, campaign or concept 
  2. People who respond well to accountability and want to play and grow in community
  3. High performers ready to go through an identity shift to bring their visions to life
  4. Those that feel and sense that past stress, trauma or pain are impacting their ability to be strategic and a conduit for their highest expression 
  5. Sensitive, impact-driven leaders who are receptive to spiritual growth and transformation
  6. Those who have the foundational technical skills and connections required to bring their dream to life, and are calling in a space to be strategic in translating their visions into the 3D
  7. My fellow neurodiverse peeps that have their own unique way of doing things, and want to be in community with others who get it

Scale Your Impact is for you if:

  • You know deep down that there's no new things you need to make this dream happen. You've already received your instructions and can sense your next steps. You have the connections. You've already connected with the energy of your dream. Now, it's time to overcome the actual and perceived limitations holding you back
  • You're ready to be a willing participant in what wants to move through you. You know you're here to serve, contribute and make an impact. You're ready to befriend your ego, and become a clear channel for your mission. And you understand your calling, your dharma, or your purpose isn't about YOU and you know that you get to get out of the way
  • You find yourself procrastinating doing what you need to do next to make your dream a reality, and instead are jumping into another qualification, certification, workshop, or programme to upskill believing "I'm not qualified enough" or "I'm not smart enough" to make it happen

  •  You keep digging within yourself to find more things to work on and have become caught in the hamster wheel of capitalistic personal development. You know it's time to PLAY with life, and crack into translating deep inner-work into external shapes and forms

  •  You're avoiding doing the big tasks that actually shift the needle on your dream, and focus on the weeds that are secretly keeping you hidden and small

  • You know you wern't meant to this alone, and acknowledge the power of community. You love being generous with your gifts + strengths + skills to invest in and encourage others daring to dream, and want to make life-long friends
  • You want a space to soundboard your ideas, get feedback, refine, and test as part of the creative process in translating concepts into the 3D 
  • You're doubting yourself and the key steps you need to take to bring your dream to life
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What do people join for?


Scale Your Impact has been thoughtfully curated to activate your dharma, combining in-person and online experiences to upgrade your BodyMind system so that you can execute on your dreams. People join for:

  • A unique combination of emotional, energetic and spiritual experiences to support you to upgrade your BodyMind system to step into your leadership + artistry
  • A non-judgemental space to share the creative process
  • A connection to soul wisdom to guide authentic expression
  • The incredible diverse community of like-valued humans
  • Restoring the natural flow of energy through the BodyMind system
  • Accountabilty and support to bring their dreams to life
  • Intuitive development, emotional mastery and spritual growth
  • Trauma-informed education, resources and practises to regulate the nervous system to find safety in visibility
  • Prioritising playfulness, ease and grace into the creativity and leadership process

Client testimonials

Tania Pointon, CEO: Seed Waikato

"Working with Gemma has given me the ability to feel confident and authentic in my leadership, creating safe spaces for the people I get to serve. I have felt safe to fully embody my unique calling of leadership, and to notice what it feels like to be held and protected by papatūānuku to continue to step forward in complex, unknown and uncertain environments. As a result of working together, I am so much more in touch with myself, and my relationships have become healthier and stronger. Thank you for your understanding, your firmness, and your kindess in supporting me to feel safe in my leadership"

Paige Kaye, Founder: Freelance Creative

"Being a creative solo-preneur, having Gemma as a cheerleader, mentor, tutor, and support for my highest self meant everything. She was there to hold me and my dreams and lift me through any upper limits I encountered  along the way which meant my self-belief and self-trust have grown exponentially. I now know exactly what I have to do AND also give myself the grace of not doing it all at once. Working with Gemma helped me become a better partner, friend, and to speak into the dreams I have kept hidden from even myself. Now, I feel so deeply connected to my spiritual self and can't thak her enough for creating the space for me to listen in and trust my intuition"

Wikiwira Pokiha, Kaihaapai Reo Rangatahi: Te Aka Whai Ora Māori Health Authority

"My approach to leading and managing my team was revolutionised after working with Gemma. I see obstacles as opportunities now, and having a neutral and caring space to chat helped me transform my beliefs, my relationship with my past + intergenerational trauma, and my relationship with shame. I've developed self-leadership skills that are allowing me to show up with positivity and connection in mahi and in relationships with my whaanau. Before working together, I was struggling with the grief of my fathers' passing, and now I feel connected to his wairua and I know he is proud of the life I am living"

Meet your guide, Gemma Rose.


I believe you are the hero in your story, and I'm here to support you to connect with your innate healing capacities.

For nearly a decade I've worked in successful start-ups as an award-winning leader and founder focused on community development. 

Now, as a self-leadership coach, I support you to transform the relationship you have with your heart, body, emotions and mindset so that you can live a life you love. My passion lies in supporting creatives and entrepreneurs to scale their impact through deep inner-work. 

I'm a mother who is committed to conscious and gentle parenting, and to reparenting myself everyday. 

Inside Scale Your Impact, you receive my guidance as a mindset coach and Breathwork Facilitator AND start-up consultant. I'm ALL IN on supporting you to bring your dreams to life with deep-inner work & strategy.

I hold a First Class Honours in Business Management, I'm accredited in community-led development, certified in Trauma-Recovery Coaching, and I am a Breathwork Practitioner (trained through Owaken).


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Testimonials from our programmes and trainings

Ashlee, Photographer: Business Owner

"I am so grateful I found Gemma. Her coaching gave me the tools, resources and accountability I needed to push through discomfort and grow both in my business and personal life."

Jahvaya, Artist, Activist + Systems Change Maker

"Gemma gave me the tools and resources that my soul needed to meet myself for the first time. I can see now. It was beautiful for me to also see others in the group grow with me as well. They truly feel like family. I 100% recommend this opportunity to anyone who is ready to go inwards, be still, get real with themselves and take their healing to the next level"

Lisa, Founder: Creative Agency 

"Hearing different perspectives and experiences, especially from a professional space, held so much value for me as a business owner and creative. Gemma creates such a sacred container for growth. She was 110% dedicated, present and in tune with our cohort."



There's no denying the structural barriers at play everyday for marginalised communities. It's important we acknowledge the external forces that uphold systems of oppression, and that the inner-work is a challenge when you are in a world that demands you are resilient. This programme is an invitation to look at what can be done with what you have in your sphere of influence, and your safety is important in that journey.

As a trauma-informed programme, my primary goal is your safety, no matter your race, religion, political or sexual orientation. My heart is to create non-oppressive spaces that are inclusive, diverse and welcoming for all walks of life. The diversity of the programme participants enrichens the experience for all.

All races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, political affiliations and people are welcome in Scale Your Impact

There is zero tolerance for racism, sexism, bigotry, hate, and white supremacy in my programmes and community spaces.

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