Kia ora, I'm Gemma Rose (she/her) 

I'm a Self-Leadership Coach and Breathwork Practitioner

Put simply, I create safe spaces for going deep AF. 

This isn’t therapy. I’m not your guru. I am a trauma-informed guide with the expertise to lead you to your own potential.

 My most important work has been within. Yours will be too.

You’ll feel it, even if, on the outside, everyone else thinks you’ve got it all. You’ll know deep down on the inside if you are living your authentic truth. 

Right now, our planet faces many real challenges and uncertainties. Creating safety and strength within ourselves and in our communities is key to balancing our challenging times with positive relationships and experiences. Through my group programmes, trainings and workshops, participants step deeper into the calling on their hearts. Their purpose. Their dharma. And they develop more positive relationships with themselves and the world around them.

Why Self-Leadership Coaching and Breathwork?

Practically, self-leadership coaching is teaching and sharing the tools and techniques that allow you to overcome the roadblocks holding you back. This type of coaching supports you to make sense of your life experiences in a setting where you can find your voice and discover new choices you feel empowered to make. It’s about supporting a deeper level of connection to your authentic self, and reconnecting you to the present moment of possibility and opportunity.

Breathwork enables you to ground yourself in your intuition, and tap into the inner guidance that has been waiting to come through. It allows you to feel emotions, and cultivate presence no matter where you are. This tool supports you to regulate your nervous system.

Together, I use these trauma-informed strategies and techniques to encourage the healing of old wounds whilst supporting you to achieve your future goals.

I've helped 100s of clients step deeper into their personal power, finding their spark again and getting into action to create a life they love, closing the gap between where they are, and where they want to be. 

My work helps you to see, hear and understand the truth of who you are, unlocking gifts, ideas, creativity, and your unique leadership blueprint all while creating a healthier relationships in your life.

My clients do this not just for themselves, but to step into a place of service, or helping, and of purpose — playing their role as parents, activists, educators, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, creatives and business owners to contribute in a meaningful way to this world.

Self-leadership is a journey. It’s a path I’ve taken many times and am here to guide you along your own route. It is time to cross the threshold into what’s possible for you. When you feel ready for change and transformation, I am here for you.


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Let's co-create your next evolution

For nearly a decade I've worked in successful charitable and philanthropic start-up organisations and as a founder, have navigated many wins and flearnings in my journey. What I've learnt? The most potent leadership and innovation doesn't come from strategy alone. It comes from great self-leadership. The ways we first lead ourselves and our inner-world.

Right now, our planet faces many real challenges. I'm dedicated to supporting the helpers.  The ones here with a calling on their heart to share their gifts, their medicine, their ideas in service for a better tomorrow.

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make"

-Jane Goodall

Mayor Paula Southgate: Hamilton City Council 

Working with Gemma is a like a breath of fresh air. She brings passion, honesty and fresh thinking to everything she does. Gemma has exemplary expertise in bringing people together, in creating a common purpose while retaining authentic and diverse perspectives. That is very rare. She is as competent as a listener as she is a speaker. Gemma is a value driven leader grounded in honesty and integrity. She leads with grace, passion and a great sense of love and humour. The impact of Gemma’s work can be seen in the heart of every person who has crossed her path. She hears people in a unique way and gives power to their reality. She led a team that gave power and voice to our young citizens in a way that was ground-breaking.


As a Trauma-Recovery Coach, I'm certified through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching and work to a set of standards, ethics and principles available here. 

If at any time you feel I have failed to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics or wronged you in another way you are welcome to contact Sarah Parish, TICC, CTRC-A via [email protected] who is the Chairperson of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching Association’s Professional Standard’s Committee.

As a trauma-informed Breathwork Practitioner, I'm certified through Owaken.  

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