Kia ora, I'm Gemma Rose

I am an intuitive guide, and trauma-informed leadership coach

I guide visionaries, leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers to deepen their connection with themselves and in doing so, powerfully transform the way they share their gifts with the world

Applications are now open for my transformational online programme, No New Things!


Are you ready to transform your life?


So many of us go through life trying to find the answers by changing things outside of us. Moving cities. Buying new things. Changing relationships or jobs. Going on holidays and retreats.

Some of these changes can happen with real conviction and feel truly aligned - yet when we are in auto-pilot, moving through life as it happens to us, they can feel like band-aids on a wound we can't see. Some time passes, and we find ourselves dissatisfied and confused.

And I get it. I've been there.

One truth that is often overlooked is that the real transformation we seek is an inside job. Understanding how to move out of auto-pilot gives us the tools to create life, and discover how life happens for us, rather than to us. With this knowledge, we can deeper our connection to our inner-knowing, and take action in alignment with that.

 I believe our healing comes from being present, accepting what is there, and creating a safe space within for us to do the inner-work. Trusting that every breakdown prepares us for our breakthrough, we can learn to lead ourselves, and in doing so, learn how we can transform our lives.

You see, I believe joy comes from living in our truth. When we can bring awareness to the stories we tell ourselves, learn to regulate our emotional body, connect to our intuition, and trust ourselves, we begin to peel back the layers of conditioning to close the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

And when we close that gap, we remember who we really are, understand how powerful we are in creating our reality, and surrender into service of something bigger than us.

No New Things is an 8-week, online group mentoring programme that supports you to grow self-leadership, experience emotional healing, and trust yourself. It's a safe container to learn how you can connect with your intuition to unapologetically live a life you love.

Cohort Six of No New Things kicks off in:













"My ability and capability to sit with the things that are hard, the things I've avoided most of my life, the narrative and stories I've built over time, has increased. Sitting with anger and my rage and to be with it while it evolves to truly what it is...which is a lot of grief, which is an attachment to things in the past. And I am here. And they are there. The ability to be with what fully hurts most. This has been a major tool for my life to continue to grow and expand in ways I could only hope and dream. My creativity has come back, and my ihi has awoken. It feels good to have creativity surging through me again.  [No New Things brought alive] fun and play. I've been so serious for so long.The offerings of No New Things, the rituals, the learnings, the community, and the safe space, contributed to where I am now. Now, I am home. The love I had been blocking off now gets to come through with this level of presence."



"Gemma helped me through one of the darkest periods of my life and I'll never forget it. The impact this programme had on me is indescribable."


"No New Things taught me that I can come up with my own answers, believe in them, and drive hard to achieve them."

It's time to trust yourself again. It's time to share your unique gifts with the world.

I created No New Things as a safe container for you to overcome the real obstacles holding you back from living a life you love.

Because it's not about you. It's about what wants to move through you. Your unique purpose. Your unique gifts. Your unique story. 

Does this sound familiar?

βšͺ You're dabbling in self-help books, spiritual development podcasts and free online courses but not getting the breakthrough you're looking for

βšͺ You feel a soft and gentle whisper inside calling you to make changes in your life, but you're unsure if you can trust it

βšͺ You're realising you want to learn more about your triggers and stress response, and have started noticing when you're in fight, flight, freeze or fawn

βšͺ You're discovering patterns in your life that feel like pieces to a puzzle picture you can't quite see, and want support to uncover your blind spots

βšͺ You've lost your joy and your spark for life and don't feel like yourself

βšͺ You're spending time learning a lot of new things but deep down you're doubting yourself and the decisions you want to make to show up with your authentic self

βšͺ You spend more time in your head than making moves

βšͺ You're feeling tired or burnt out from overstretching yourself

βšͺ You're focused on pleasing other people and making everyone else happy

βšͺ You're feeling stagnant or stuck energy in your life 

βšͺ You feel like there's more for you, but aren't sure how to find it

βšͺ  You have an idea or project you want to make happen, but keep putting it on the back burner or letting your perfectionism delay it

βšͺ You want to grow your self-leadership but unsure how to access the next level

It's time to transform your life from the inside out with No New Things! 





"I have the tools to guide me to drop into my intuition and to live in an aligned way. [Before the programme] I felt like the princess and the pea. I had this pea at the bottom of my bed that I had explained away, or was too busy to feel, or I thought it was silly to feel that way so I didn't feel it at the time. Even though I'd logically explained my way out of [my feelings], because I didn't feel the emotions, they stuck around. [Moving through] this has allowed me to have relationships that don't harbour grief and resentment.

What is trauma-recovery coaching?

We all experience stress in life, but ongoing stressful events can create relational, psychological, biological, and emotional after-effects.

The context in which you experience life matters, and when trauma happens in our lives, no matter how big or small, we create meaning about those experiences, what they mean about ourselves and the world around us.

Some of us compare our life experiences to others and believe we shouldn't have the reactions we do, and deny, dismiss, diminish, supress and ignore our very real truth as a result of our experiences. 

"I don't have it as bad as them"

"I have so many privileges that I shouldn't feel this way"

"I had a perfect childhood so I don't understand"

"My siblings grew up in the exact same environment and they turned out so different so I'm making this up"

"Other people have gone through what I have and they're not like me so I need to get over it"

Sound familiar?

These past experiences will connect with a block in your external world: an upper-limit in your business, an unhealthy pattern in your relationships, a block in your creativity, or our children mirroring back challenging behavior.

Trauma-recovery coaching inside No New Things explores those blocks in your external reality through exploring your inner-worlds, empowering you to address the root cause not the symptom and breakthrough the pain and patterns.

Trauma-recovery coaching explores the meaning we create in those moments when our stress response was activated (fight, flight, freeze or fawn), alongside the disconnection that took place within your mind-body system to your authentic self and the present moment.  

Trauma, no matter how "big" or "small" can also be passed down across generations, normalised in family dynamics and learnt from culture. This is not your fault. If we want to change the present and the future, we get to take radical responsibility for what it's costing us in the present to continue in the negative loops that are robbing us of our authentic expression.

With compassion, we can explore ways you can safely connect back with your authentic self and the present moment to find your grounding again. This looks like guiding you to discover your voice in areas of your life where you've felt voiceless, and empowering you to discover the resources you have within you to make new choices where you've felt helpless or stuck.

Key to trauma-recovery coaching is understanding you are the hero in your story, and that you have a library of resources inside of you to unlock the answers you seek.

If you've experienced stress or trauma in relation to another, key to healing that is finding a safe person and community to reconnect you. No New Things creates that safety for you to build that bridge. The community aspect to this programme is life-changing for people especially when they've felt isolated and alone for so long with challenging experiences!



"I loved the group aspect of the programme. It was something I was really hesitant about, but it was one of the best parts of the programme. The support and guidance from my cohort was an unexpected bonus! Hearing different perspectives and experiences, especially from a professional space, held so much value. The collective knowledge of the group and their support in sharing it is something I'm so grateful for. The positive outcomes from this programme have been HUGE. The skills, tools and awareness gained from No New Things have been transformational. Gemma creates such a sacred container for growth in her No New Things programme. She was 110% dedicated, present and in tune with our cohort. I'm so grateful to have gone through this programme with her guidance and now to be part of the No New Things community of like-minded people."




"[Before No New Things] I had no more energy to give. Being able to lean into a community going through similar things was refreshing, energising, motivating and empowering. The biggest thing I learnt in No New Things was being present in the moment, and grounding yourself. All that really matters is what you're doing at that specific moment. There's no point being stuck in the past or thinking about what might happen in the future because right now is what's happening. Being able to ground yourself and listen internally and take a moment to look inside and see what's happening. I would put a lot of pressure on myself to avoid certain things from happening, but I realised they were beyond my control and that's lifted a weight off my shoulders. I have time to reflect inwards trust the process, and operate from a place of love and understanding.


What if this was your breakthrough?

No New Things is your safe container to uncover what's been holding you back from creating a life you love. This transformational 8-week group programme supports you to embrace the authentic you, empowering you to self-healstep into your power, and transform your life from the inside out.

No New Things gives you the tools to ground yourself, clear your energetic blocks, and develop a mindset that unleashes your true potential

Over the 8-weeks, together, we will learn how to:

βœ“ Observe and disrupt your patterns

βœ“ Embrace relationships as containers for growth

βœ“ Shift out of your head and into your heart

βœ“ Create your reality, and how to recreate it

βœ“ Regulate your emotions 

βœ“ Find safety and sanctuary in your body

βœ“ Connect with your intuition 

βœ“ Take action on the things you care about

βœ“ Cultivate self-love 

βœ“ Develop a growth mindset

βœ“ Manage your energy

βœ“ Trust yourself AND believe in your dreams


"No New Things helped me to transcend in to a soul space where I could tune in to and trust my intuition, allowing me to create change, be impactful, and live in my truth."


"This programme was life changing. I now know I have everything I need to achieve my higher purpose and have a massive impact on the world."

From listening comes knowledge

From knowledge comes understanding

From understanding comes wisdom

From wisdom comes well-being.

Maa te rongo, ka moohio

Maa te moohio, ka maarama

Maa te maarama, ka maatau

Maa te maatau, ka ora.

This Maaori proverb (whakatauki) speaks to the essence of this programme: discovering ways to listen to yourself so that you can cultivate well-being. And when you are well, you have a strong foundation to be of service, to listen to others and understand how you can be helpful. 

My heart is to guide you to find ways to be a great listener of your own truth, to discover the knowledge that exists within you, and just how this wise counsel holds what you need to experience joy in life. 

My aim as your guide is to invite you into the ways you can take your personal power back, becoming your own healer, your own coach, and your own mentor, listening to understand, gaining wisdom by doing the work, and discovering the fruits of well-being on the journey. 

What's included in No New Things?

Over the 8 weeks, you'll receive:

  • 8 x 90 minute live group coaching video calls
  • 1 x 75 minute private deep dive coaching video session
  • A lifetime access to educational training videos, resources and workbooks
  • Weekly assignments, reflections and challenges to integrate new insights
  • An online community to meet new people and grow with with a FREE bi-monthly community integration call post-programme
  • High level accountability to support you to do the work
  • Unlimited email support outside of the live video calls to ask any questions you have, about anything
  • BONUS healing session with Lucy Tofield teaching somatics to deepen connection and safety in the body
  • BONUS healing session with breathwork 
  • BONUS guided visualisations

The Programme Content

During the 8-weeks, you receive content to nurture your connection with your spiritual self, deepen your connection with your body, feel and heal emotions and reprogramme your mindset to renegotiate your reality.

Guest Facilitators

Lucy Tofield

Contemporary Yoga & Somatic Movement 

Lucy has been with the programme for the past three Cohorts, and teaches you how to connect into your body utilising somatic therapy. She is passionate about holding space for people to explore movement and enquire within, inspiring a deeper sense of connection between mind, body and spirit in a safe and meaningful way. Lucy's training taught her to honour all bodies and abilities, and embraces a trauma-informed teaching method. Her interest in movement and the body led Lucy to train in Somatic Movement in the tradition of Thomas Hanna. During Somatic movement, the connection between the mind and body is enhanced and new possibilities for movement and life are unveiled. Somatic movement serves to down-regulates the nervous system, allowing a new sense of calm and ease to arrive in the mind and body. Lucy runs courses teaching the key principles of Somatic Movement and also works privately with clients to support them to find more ease in their movement and in life. You can find out more about Lucy here.


 "The privilege of a lifetime is to

become who you truly are"

Carl Jung




"Gemma gave me the tools and resources that my soul needed to meet myself for the first time. I can see now. It was beautiful for me to also see others in the group grow with me as well. They truly feel like family. This programme changes my life."

Create meaningful, transformational change in your life

No New Things gives you the education, accountability and connection to take action on what is important to you. Through radical inner-transformation, you create a life for yourself that you love, manifesting your authentic desires and dreams from a grounded and regulated place.

After completing this programme, my clients have created incredible external results such as:

  • Gained promotions
  • Received pay rises
  • Landed their dream job
  • Left part-time work to go full-time on their business
  • Started a business 
  • Started a creative project
  • Changed career paths
  • Started studying what they always wanted to study
  • Landed funding for social change initiatives
  • Left toxic relationships
  • Started volunteering for causes they care about
  • Increased their influence and impact in their job


One-off payment


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Monthly payment

$1,111 x 2 months

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Monthly payment

$750 x 3 months

3 Monthly Installments


Monthly Payment

$385 x 6 months

6 Monthly Installments




There's no denying the structural barriers at play everyday for marginalised communities. It's important we acknowledge the external forces that uphold systems of oppression, and that the inner-work is a challenge when you are in a world that demands you are resilient. This programme is an invitation to look at what can be done with what you have in your sphere of influence, and your safety is important in that journey.

As a trauma-informed programme, my primary goal is your safety, no matter your race, religion, political or sexual orientation. My heart is to create non-oppressive spaces that are inclusive, diverse and welcoming for all walks of life. The diversity of the programme participants enrichens the experience for all.

All races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, political affiliations and people are welcome in No New Things.

There is zero tolerance for racism, sexism, bigotry, hate, and white supremacy in my programmes and community spaces.

Applications are now open! 


Join an incredible group of humans who are making 2022 the year that they smash through their current glass ceiling, and truly step into their potential.

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