Your journey back home starts here.

Are you ready for deeper connection with your life? Do you feel like you are watching life happen from the sidelines, rather than truly experiencing it? 

The Art of Connection is a path to cultivating real presence. This is an opportunity to bring your healing to the forefront, offering the frameworks for life-long connection with your inner-Being, your authentic Self. 

I’m here for the innovation of LESS—less instant fixes, social media gurus and relying on external wins and praise to feel good. We’re all been there, thinking that a promotion will fix our problems or that external recognition will make us feel better on the inside. An inspirational quote cannot substitute for doing ‘the work’. 

In this training, we’re dropping in deeper for real breakthroughs that centre around your own power for transformation. 

You are the hero in your own story; it’s time to connect with your authentic Self and the present moment.

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The Art of Connection

This self-paced three-day online coaching course connects you with your inner self—your most authentic expression of who you are. Across three days, you will receive grounded guidance on connecting with new and hidden aspects of inner connection.

Join the Art of Connection for:

- Connecting with parts of yourself you have buried 

- Revolutionising your relationships with your people, places, and projects. 

- Discovering new choices you can make for greater alignment with your truth

-Permission to live with more joy, ease and grace

-A deeper understanding of your values, visions, and who you be

-Healing parts of yourself you hide from the external world

-Learning how the nervous system impacts every aspect of our lives

What you'll get access to:

  • Training videos to guide you along the journey
  • Daily workbooks for deeper reflection
  • Breathwork modules for inner connection
  • Meditations cultivating presence with self
  • Fundamentals on Trauma delivered by your Trauma-Recovery Coach, Gemma
  • Exploring the Four Stress Responses and how they manifest
  • BONUS: Book recommendations for further reading
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"I created Art of Connection to lead you home to yourself"

What does the programme look like?

Day One | The Past Self

  • Setting powerful intentions for your life that fill you with joy and enthusiasm. 
  • Appreciating your inherent power as a human being and how to channel this energy. 
  • Acknowledging Trauma-Recovery and the impacts of living with trauma—and how this leads to disconnection
  • Compassion for your experiences with thoughts, behaviours or feelings that leave us ungrounded
  • Grounding exercises for connection with your past self
  • Owaken Restorative Breathwork training to regulate your nervous system
  • Techniques to self-soothe, grounding, and self-healing
  • Journal prompts for deep reflection and integration

 Day Two | The Present Self

  • Breathwork exercises to regulate and ground your practice
  • Acknowledgement of the journey you have taken to prioritise your healing and connection—celebrating you!
  • Practical exercises to connect with your present self
  • Showing compassion for where you are, and honouring your courage for honesty

Day Three | The Future Self

  • Grounding your nervous system through Owaken Daily
  • Tapping into your inner guidance system 
  • Trauma-informed mindset work for future healing 
  • Recommended Self Scripting technique
  • Overview of the three days and deep integration suggestions
  • Going beyond the Art of Connection, what is next for you

Testimonials from our programmes and trainings


"I have the tools to guide me to drop into my intuition and to live in an aligned way.

[Before working with Gemma] I felt like the princess and the pea. I had this pea at the bottom of my bed that I had explained away, or was too busy to feel, or I thought it was silly to feel that way so I didn't feel it at the time. 

Even though I'd logically explained my way out of [my feelings], because I didn't feel the emotions, they stuck around. [Moving through] this has allowed me to have relationships that don't harbour grief and resentment.”


“Gemma has created a space that is so safe to be yourself and explore how you can show up as your authentic self, everyday.

I realised it wasn’t about what I was doing and who I was to other people, but who I was to myself that was the most important in transforming my life. I will forever be grateful for the guidance, aroha, and support I have received from Gemma."


“I jumped in not knowing what coaching was or what it potentially could have been.

Before I joined [Gemma’s coaching programme], the main doubt I had was that I had no idea what the hell this is. 

Now, I’m in the leadership opportunities, but more importantly, I learnt a lot about myself and staying present with myself. Really trusting my gut and my intuition, which is huge for me because that's what ultimately me helps me lead authentically and lead what I need. That's what I want others to be able to do."

Your Guide

Kia ora! My name is Gemma, and I’m your intuitive guide. 
I coach, mentor and guide people through my online programmes to change the way they connect with their authentic self and the present moment. I am a Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach and Breathwork Practitioner  who helps clients to develop their intuition, clear emotional blocks, transform their mindsets, and learn how to live in alignment with their authentic truth. It's a lot of finding our voice and discovering new choices to create a life we love.

This is for you if:

  • Life sometimes feels like it's on autopilot
  • You spend time wishing you were doing something else with your life
  • You struggle to trust your intuition, that inner voice
  • Daily stressors can send you spiralling into overwhelm
  • Hurt and resentment from the past still play a major role in your life
  • You sometimes feel stuck with the choices you have made in the past
  • Stress, scarcity  and fear lead a lot of your decision-making
  • You have a desire to connect with a more spiritual side of yourself

Perhaps you’ve been listening to podcasts, reading self-help books and watching Youtube videos but aren’t noticing a change in yourself. Maybe this is your very first time exploring ‘the work’. The Art of Connection is where you actively get to explore what makes you, you, in a safe and reflective setting. Across three days, you will learn new connecting techniques, such as breathwork, and discover transformational content. 

Together, this training allows you to develop new levels of self-awareness,  connect with different parts of you, and helps you discover a future you get to choose.

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Kia whakatoomuri te haere whakamua 

I walk backwards into the future with my eyes fixed on my past


There's no denying the structural barriers at play everyday for marginalised communities. It's important we acknowledge the external forces that uphold systems of oppression, and that the inner-work is a challenge when you are in a world that demands you are resilient. 

This is your invitation to come as you are. You have the opportunity to reconnect with your whole self and your soul self in these safe spaces, no matter your journey so far. 

We welcome all races, genders, experiences, ages, sexual orientations, religions, and political affiliations. There is zero tolerance for racism, sexism, bigotry, hate, and white supremacy in any of our programmes and community spaces. If you are feeling a nudge, that little voice whispering to take part in these reflections, I encourage you to listen and trust.

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